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Weaving Academic Entrepreneurship into your Career Path

Published onAug 30, 2023
Weaving Academic Entrepreneurship into your Career Path

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Whether your plan is to stay in academia, work in industry, or do something in between - the opportunities available and skills associated with Academic Entrepreneurship may be exciting, enriching elements to weave into your professional career.  

Hosted by the CHOP Innovation Ecosystem (IE) in partnership with CHOP’s Office of Academic Training and Outreach Programs (ATOP), these sessions introduced exciting stories of Academic Entrepreneurs to provide real examples of how academics can weave academic entrepreneurship into their careers.

Learning Objectives of this ongoing event include: 

  • Defining Academic Entrepreneurship  

  • Describing potential career paths in Academic Entrepreneurship from perspective of a MD or PhD 

  • Listing common knowledge/skills needed for a career path in Academic Entrepreneurship  

  • Sharing resources available through CHOP and Penn that support exploration of Academic Entrepreneurship 

Session on April 11, 2023


Katie Reuther, PhD, MBA

Executive Director at Penn Health-Tech


Weaving Academic Entrepreneurship into your Career Path: a PhD’s Experience

Session on June 14th, 2023


Dr. Flaura Winston PhD, MD

Founder and Scientific Director of Center for Injury Research and Prevention (CIRP); Director, Innovation Ecosystem; Co-Founder and Chief  Scientific Advisor Diagnostic Driving; National Medical and Science Advisor for the Toyota Way Forward Fund


Daria Ferro, MD

Attending Physician, Hospital Medicine & Clinical Informatics​; Assistant Professor of Pediatrics​; Clinical Advisor, Phrase Health

Jiah Pearson-Leary, PhD

Senior Analyst, inThought Research​

Bryan Humbarger​

Sr. Vice President, Commercial for Eko​;
Co-Founder & CEO VentruMed

Jason Van Batavia, MD, MSTR

  • Attending Pediatric Urologist​; Assistant Professor, Perelman School of Medicine


Weaving Academic Entrepreneurship into Your Career: an MD/PhD’s Experience


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