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Diversity and Inclusion in Academic Entrepreneurship

Published onJun 17, 2021
Diversity and Inclusion in Academic Entrepreneurship

Dr. Fleisher serves as the Co-PI for the randomized control trial to evaluate the impact of mychoiceTM, a web-enabled tool to improve informed decision making around clinical trial participation. She is PI for the two other projects, MyCareCompass and CAPE, which are patient education digital health tools. MyCareCompass, is a platform which is integrated into the EMR to deliver just in time patient education. This pilot project is a multi-disciplinary effort to evaluate the feasibility and impact of delivery patient education through this delivery system. Based on the evaluation results, this platform can be used to deliver patient education and research interventions based on EMR data. CAPE is a digital education platform for patients with NSCLC which  provides a multimedia approach to vetted patient education and has the ability to deliver the material in a flexible user-friendly environment.

Diversity and Inclusion in Academic Entrepreneurship | AcadEnt Conference 2021

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