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Moderate Comments Using Labels and Archiving

Published onJun 02, 2021
Moderate Comments Using Labels and Archiving

In a classroom setting, discussions on PubPub can be directed with creative labeling of comments that are relevant to different topics. Comments may also be archived to focus in-class discussions. This guide describes how to add labels to the comment section of a Pub, filter comments according to their labels, and archive comments.

Here is a list of suggested labels that can be used to categorize discussions based on the text’s section topics:

  • Related Content

  • Suggested Resources

  • Suggested Corrections

  • Updates Needed

  • Questions for an Expert

  • Instructor Guide

  • Other

Moderators may feel free to build off of this list and create their own as well. For example, other groups have used tags to “promote” or “endorse” a comment made by a reader. Other times, tags have been used to label comments based on type, such as “suggestion,” “question,” or “counterpoint.”

Add Labels

The the right of the comments section header, click on the ‘Filter’ icon to open options for filtering comments.

In the dialogue box that appears, click ‘+ Add Label’.

Enter a name for the label. Options for the label can also be set for:

  • Assigning unique colors:

  • Restricting the label to ‘Managers Only’. This will allow only moderators to use the label.

  • Restricting the label to ‘All Discussion Authors’. This will allow moderators to use the label and comment authors to use it for their own comments.

After creating a set of labels, click ‘Save’.

Label Comments

Click on a comment to view its full contents and click ‘Labels’.

In the window that appears, select one or more labels and click ‘Save’.

Filter by Labels

To filter comments by their labels, click the ‘Filter’ icon to the right of the comments section header and select which filters to filter by.

This will show only comments that have all of the selected labels.

Archive Comments

To archive a comment, click on it to view its full contents and click ‘Archive’.

To view archived comments, click on the ‘Filter’ icon to the right of the comments section header and select ‘Browse Archived Comments’.

To unarchive comment, click on ‘Unarchive’ when viewing a comment’s full contents.

If you have any further questions about how to create or implement comment tags, or how to archive and filter comments, please email [email protected] or post your question to the PubPub discussion forum.

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