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There is a lot to learn and navigate as an academic entrepreneur working in Academia. This module introduces institutional resources to facilitate career success, transitions and development, and provides an overview of what intrapraneurship is.

Published onOct 10, 2023

Introduction to Academic Entrepreneurship

Academic Entrepreneurship is the intentional focus on translating science and technology developed in academic settings into health transformation via commercialization routes for larger scale uptake.  

Academic Entrepreneurship career paths are translational research ones that target impact and returns on investments in medical and health science. 

Academic Entrepreneurs are the bridge between academia and the healthcare industry. In order to be this, they must have scientific expertise, deep knowledge about the needs of patients and families, and high awareness about ethical and regulatory principles. Additionally, Academic Entrepreneurs require business acumen to recognize and de-risk potential commercial products from initial ideas and findings, as well as people skills to build teams, form and maintain industry-academia relationships, and navigate the academic environment.  

Introduction to Academia

This interactive will focus on Academia.

Though a growing community in academia recognizes and supports the potential of the Academic Entrepreneurship path, working in an academic environment can pose several unique challenges. These presentations will offer a snapshot of these challenges and some helpful guidance.

The sections are listed below:

  • Academic Entrepreneurship Career Paths

  • Intrapraneurship

  • Entrepreneurship Resources at Academic Centers

See all topics in this section (and the full chapters) here.

Academic Entrepreneurship Career Paths



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