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Successful ideation integrates customers’ feedback to identify a problem, prioritize features, and provide a solution. The following modules focus on concepts related to: identifying unmet needs, human centered design, and rapid prototyping strategies.

Published onOct 10, 2023

Introduction to Ideation

Ideation entails the process of identifying and iterating on ideas to meet the needs of patients, physicians, institutions, or other key stakeholders.

This section explains how to understand customers’ needs and define and refine a problem - and how to implement and iterate on potential solutions quickly and effectively.

It introduces a few helpful frameworks you can use to define your problem, engage your stakeholder, and ultimately move beyond idea generation stage.

The sections are listed below:

  • Identifying Unmet Needs

  • Human-Centered Design Strategies

  • Rapid Prototyping Strategies

  • See all topics in this section (and the full chapters) here

Identifying Unmet Needs

Human Centered Design Strategies

Rapid Prototyping Strategies

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